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United PDX Soccer Club

Portland, OR - February 5, 2018

Northeast United (NEU) and BSC Oregon (BSC) are excited to announce a merger of the two organizations to form United PDX Soccer Club. The two clubs have over 30 years of history in the Portland youth soccer scene and will combine to create the largest soccer club in Oregon, serving nearly 2,700 families throughout the Portland metro area.

With the two communities coming together for the development of the youth, United PDX will have the ability to change the course of youth soccer in Oregon.


United PDX will include:

9 Turf Fields & 8 Grass Fields
Professionally licensed coaches with directors for all programs at each location
A unified training curriculum & style of play
Player pathways for recreational, competitive, and high-performance players
Core values that teach character development on and off the field
A club culture we can all be proud of

In the coming weeks we will be releasing the following information:
Club Structure
Senior Staff Leadership
Director Assignments for East & West Locations
Programming for East & West Locations
Player Pathways
Club Curriculum
Club Core Values
Club Culture
2018/19 Team Coaching Assignments
2018/19 Tryout & Registration Information
Logo & Branding
New Website

The mission of United PDX is to provide more opportunities for youth players to learn and love the beautiful game. This starts at a place close to home with various pathways presenting themselves as age and development progress. The United PDX model stays true to the local community-based teams while providing larger community options for players to remain challenged in more competitive environments, yet still feel at home.

We are local, WE ARE UNITED!

United PDX Soccer Club

Top Fall Team Finishers

Congratulations to our top finishers from the fall season!

BSC HR 07B - 2nd Place | Presidents Cup Champions
BSC HR 06B - 2nd Place Division 1 | President’s Cup Finalists
BSC 07G Black - Quarter Finalist | Presidents Cup
BSC 05G Gold - 3rd Place | Division 2
BSC 05G Black - 1st Place | Premier
BSC 04G Gold - 1st Place | Division 2
BSC 03G Black - 2nd Place | Premier

Supplemental Training Programs | Punch Card System

Supplemental Training
BSC Oregon is providing supplemental training for any player who is looking for additional training outside of team training. These sessions are open to any player who is interested in attending, including players outside of BSC Oregon.

The club currently offers a Technical Training Program for players who are looking to get additional touches on the ball. 

Players need to bring a ball, cleats, and running shoes to each supplemental session.

More information on supplemental training program options

Punch Card System
All supplemental training programs operate on the punch card system. Each card is worth 10 training sessions and the card can be used throughout the year for any supplemental training program that is offered. When your card runs out, all you need to do is order a new one. Please print or use your phone to show your registration confirmation at the field and a BSC Staff coach will give you your punch card. 

This system is designed so players can attend supplemental training on a flexible schedule.

$120.00 for a 10 session punch card

The card needs to be presented to a BSC Staff coach at each supplemental session you attend prior to training.

BSC Oregon DA Boys ID Session


If you're interested in becoming a part of our Development Academy program you can see their current training schedule at the bottom of our training schedule page.  Please contact Ryan Youngblood for more information on the training sessions if you'd like to attend: (971) 246-5111.

Development Academy
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