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About Us
BSC Oregon is committed to having a positive impact on our youth by guiding players through the adversities they face learning the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game. Through this process, it is our goal to develop players with a lifelong love, understanding, and appreciation for the game of soccer.  We do this by empowering our youth to learn valuable life skills in leadership and time management, the ability to overcome adversity, and the value of having a strong work ethic that will help them throughout their lives.

Our staff is a team of educated coaches who strive to be leaders in soccer education. We focus on fostering a player-centric environment for players to develop and grow in the sport. The club provides opportunities for all players at various levels: Recreational, Competitive, and High Performance.

What we provide

  • Use the game of soccer to teach valuable life lessons: dealing with adversity, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and a dedication to development.
  • Create an atmosphere of development while not jumping into the "Youth Sports Race to Nowhere."
  • Allow players to participate in other activities without fear of repercussion.
  • Help players grow in a healthy manner: mentally, physically and socially.
  • Provide an environment where players and teams are allowed to be creative without fear of mistakes.
  • Develop excellent coaching through mentorship, formal education, and ongoing professional development.

BSC Oregon Coaching Curriculum
The coaching staff follows the United States Soccer Federation Coaching Curriculum. Our programs are designed to improve all players technical, tactical, physical, and psychological abilities. Younger players are heavily focused on developing their technical ability. As players develop we continue to focus on technical work while including tactical concepts for the various situations that happen within games.

Coaching Staff, Administrators & Board Members
BSC Oregon has a professional coaching staff that is dedicated to the development of each player both on and off the field. The Soccer Club is directed by Ryan Youngblood (Executive Director), Scott Stanton (Director of Operations & Recreational Director), Justan Wolvert (Senior Academy Director), Robin Bostwick (US Soccer Development Academy Director), Jonathan Wilkins (Pre-Academy & GK Director). The BSC Oregon Administrators & Board members are made up of community volunteers who are soccer enthusiasts dedicated to ensuring a quality soccer club. BSC Oregon is a Non-Profit Organization.

BSC Oregon has four training facilities: Oregon Episcopal School | Tektronix field | West Hills Christian | Westside Christian High School (Fall 2017)

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