Learning to Train | Stage 2

U8-U10 Age Group
Training sessions are 60-75 minutes long. The main areas of focus: mastering the ball, learning how to train properly, and creating a foundation for team work.

Warm up:  Activities focus on different variations of ball control and continuing to develop body movement.

Main Activities: The main activities are developing ball control while learning how to problem solve individually and with teammates. Players learn several new activities that create a foundation for their training environment as they progress over the years (Learning to Train Phase). Each session ends with small sided games to goals.  

Activities: Different variations of passing & dribbling. Each activity can build into higher level variations that help to develop technical abilities & combinational play.  

  • Example of games: 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4v4
  • Games can be played to end lines or with multiple goals.
  • Handball can be played to help teach possession and teamwork

Each session ends with small sided games to goals.


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