Training to Compete | Stage 4

U14-U16 Age Group
Training sessions are 75-90 minutes long. The main areas of focus: developing tactical concepts of the game while continuing to develop technical abilities. Training sessions will be similar from the previous stage with the areas of focus becoming more complex.

Areas of Focus

Formation & Style of Play

  • Players will learn to play in various formations: 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, etc. 
  • Players will learn to play an Attacking/Possession based style of soccer.
Attacking & Defending

Attacking Shape
- Width & Depth
- Off the ball movement
- Ball Movement / Pattern Play
- Various ways to attack

Different ways of attack
- Down the flank
- Weak side
- Outside to the middle
- Crossing & finishing
- Combination play to goal
- Counter attack
- 1v1 to goal

Defensive Shape
- Pressure, cover, & balance
- Defending from front line to the back line
- Areas to force the ball
- Delay / Recover

Defending as team
- Defensive Shape
- Pressure, cover, and balance
- Zonal Defending
- Defending from the front to the back
- Pressing as a team
- How to delay and recover as a team
- Line of confrontation
- Using offsides & spacing to aid in defense

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