Training to Win | Stage 5

U16 & Older
Training sessions are 75-90 minutes long. The final phase of player preparation aims to maximize player performance in all aspects of the game. A player's capacities are becoming fully established while training to peak for major competitions. Training is characterized by high intensity and relatively high volume with frequent periods of rest.

Areas of Focus in addition to Training to Compete Phase

  •     Ability to improvise within game situations
  •     Independent decision-making
  •     Further development and refinement of soccer specific skills
  •     Automatic and consistent performance of soccer specific skills
  •     Development of effective competition strategies and ability to adjust within games
  •     Successful tactics, strategies, and necessary variations needed to win games
  •     The importance of variation/options on set-pieces in attack & defense
  •     Maintenance of physical capabilities with the view of maximizing performance
  •     Well-developed, refined and individualized mental skills and routines
  •     Frequent prophylactic (preventative) breaks
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