Season Overview

U8-U10 Pre Academy

Registration | Now Open
All returning and new players need to register for the 2017/18 Pre Academy Season. $50.00 registration fee that will go toward your balance if you play with BSC Oregon for the 2017/18 season.

Current Training Schedule

Winter Training Schedule

Monday- 5:30pm-6:30pm @ West Hills Christian
Wednesday- 5:15pm-6:15pm @ Rose City Futsal West

Tuesday- 5:15pm-6:15pm @ Rose City Futsal West
Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm @ West Hills Christian

- Starting March 5th through April 27th
- No training Monday the 19th of Feb or Thursday 22nd of Feb

Team Formation
The beginning of May the club will assign all returning players to a roster based on their previous season. New Players will be evaluated throughout the spring/summer and assigned to a roster based on his/her ability. Depending on a players developmental needs he/she could be moved up or down at anytime during the year.

Who is it for
Committed U8-U10 players interested in competitive soccer and looking for a professionally managed year-long team training environment.

Provide top level training on an age appropriate competitive calendar.

Age Groups
2008 (U10) Boys: 2-3 Teams
2009 (U9) Boys: 2-3 Teams
2008 (U10) Girls: 2-3 Teams
2009 (U9) Girls: 2-3 Teams

Roster Size & Team Level
U8-U10: 12-14 players per team

Black Team: 1st Team
Gold Team: 2nd Team
White Team: 3rd Team

Time Commitment
10 month season with built in breaks and flexible attendance periods.

Summer Jamborees
Summer jamboree TBD
Summer tournament TBD

All players registered for the BSC Oregon Pre-Academy can participate in these events. Rosters will be created for each event based on availability. More details about the event will be released within a week prior to the event.


Summer Preparation

Fall Competitive

Off Season

Futsal Period




June - August

September - October

November - December

January - February

March - April



10 weeks (No training week of 7/4)

8-9 weeks

8-9 weeks

7 weeks (Starts after 1/1)

8-9 weeks (No training/games over Spring break)

2-3 Weeks


2x a week

Training 2x per week


Futsal Training (RCF West) 1x

Training 2x per week



Potential Summer Jamborees

Fall Development League



Spring Development League



Attendance as schedule allows

Attendance expected


Attendance as schedule allows

Attendance expected


Pre Academy Uniform

The Pre Academy Uniform is used for both training & games. Gear can be picked up at: Tursis Soccer Shop | 8805 SW Canyon Lane Portland, OR 97225

Uniform Package Information

Pre Academy | Director of Coaching

Development Academy
U8-U10 Pre Academy
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