Senior Academy | U15-U19

Registration | Now Open
All returning and new players need to register for the 2017/18 U11-U19 Senior Academy. Please register for your actual birth year.

There is a $1,450 yearly membership fee for this program, which covers the cost of your OYSA Winter League registration fee along with your training costs.  If a team chooses to enter a tournament, President Cup, or State Cup the cost for that event will be split up between the participants.  These events are generally in the $55 per player range, plus any travel expenses.

Senior Academy Calendar
Click here for an overview of the Senior Academy yearly calendar.

Team Formation
In April & May teams will continue to train and finish out their respective season. This time period will serve as an opportunity for new players interested in the club to participate in training sessions with our current teams. By May 19th all teams will be formed for the 2017/18 Season. This does not mean rosters will be set for the year. Depending on the developmental needs of a player he/she could be moved.

Roster spots can be offered anytime during April & May.  Once a player has received his/her team placement they must accept their roster spot and make an initial $300 payment. That $300 secures their spot on the team and acceptance confirms their commitment to the team for the year and is their agreement to paying their remaining annual membership fee by the end of March.  Accounts still holding a balance after March are subject to late fees.  BSC Oregon offers payment plans, an automatic bill pay option, and financial assistance.  

After rosters are formed, Bonzi Team will be pushed live with your team roster, coaching staff, and team manager.

2003 Age Group | 8th Grade & 9th Grade Players
Teams will be formed based on the 03 age group in May for the Senior Academy. The age group will train through the summer with their assigned teams and when the High School starts up those players who are in 9th grade will play for their High School team. The remaining 8th-grade players will continue to train as a group during the fall and will form a team to play in the fall season. Once the fall season & High School season ends the teams will go back to their originally formed teams in May to compete in the winter U15-U19 club season.

Your fee structure will be based on the Senior Academy price. There will be an additional player fee for 8th-grade players to cover the cost of the team registration for the fall season (estimated cost $100 a player).

Who is it for
Committed U15-U19 players interested in competitive soccer and looking for a professionally managed year-long team training environment.

Provide top level training on an age appropriate competitive calendar.

Age Groups
2003:        U15
2002:        U16
2001:        U17
2000:        U18
1999:        U19

Time Commitment
10 month season with built-in breaks and flexible attendance periods.

Roster Size
U15-U19:    16-22 players per team
*Roster size for Senior Academy teams are larger due to injuries that arise and players participating in multiple activities.

Team Manager
Parent Volunteer to assist with team & club communications, assistance with player cards & rosters, assistance with collecting player documentation.

All Tournaments including State Cup, President's Cup, and College Showcases must be approved by the Senior Academy Director. This is to ensure all events outside of training & league play are developmentally appropriate for the players.

If a team is approved to play in a tournament there will be tournament fees split among the players attending that event (tournament registration, travel, food, etc.).

Uniform Package Information

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